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Meridel LeSueur’s poetry, short stories, and novels are a beloved part of the cultural and political fabric of our times.

She was one of the great women literary and communal voices of the 20th Century which her long life spanned, from February 22, 1900 to November 14, 1996.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  MERIDEL’S NEWEST, LATEST AND LAST WRITING: “This With My Last Breath” has been nominated as a finalist for the Midwest Book Award  in the Poetry Category by the Midwest Independent Publishers Association. The finalists will be announced in the evening of May 8,2013.  Stay Tuned. Order your copy today!

Her writings were grounded in the grassroots, salt-of-the-earth stories and experiences of women, working people, the poor, the disenfranchised and the dispossessed. Her immense love, respect and belief in the power of the people and the power of the word was ever present in her work. She was a chronicler, a witness, a defender of people’s lives and struggles, touching on the deepest truths.

Meridel believed her writing could be a bridge making connections across many different communities and cultures. The diverse readers and fans of her work are a moving testament to the depth and power of her writing.

Meridel’s words articulate that which is often wordless. She recognizes the intricate evolving layers present at each moment—of permeable body, of soul, of scientific inquiry, social observation, worlds past, and worlds yet to come. She welcomes this immense universe into the intimate reality of her own life with unconditional gratitude, with curiosity, with love.” – Sandy Spieler, artistic director of In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre and illustrator of Winter Prairie Woman by Meridel LeSueur